How to Define the Cable Carrier


How to Define the Cable Carrier


– Inner Height:

You must have the external diameter of all cables and hoses you need to place inside of the cable carrier. The largest external diameter is the one that is going to the define the height of your cable carrier.

Example: Diameter of the cable is 5mm, then the height of the cable carrier should be more than 5mm.

– Inner Width:

Is defined according to the quantity of cables/hoses you are going to place inside of the cable carrier.

Example: the sum of 2 cables of 5mm diameter each is 10mm, then the inner width of the cable carrier should be more than 10mm.

Note: It is recommend to let a gap between the diameter of the cable/hose and the width/height of the cable carrier.

– Radius:

It should be followed according to the specification of the cables manufacturer.

Define your inner dimensions, click in the products link and find your cable carriers among our range of products.

Note: When you find, please be sure that the external dimensions of the cable carrier also meet with the delimitaded space defined in your equipment.

Attention: All our models of cable carriers are codified according to the inner dimensions, always in millimiters (mm).


Cable Carriers Model we offer:

* Model T10.10
* Model T20.10
* Model T25.25
* Model T40.25
* Model T50.35
* Model T75.35
* Model T100.35
* Model T125.35

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